Thracian lowland, Chirpan region, Svoboda village


``In Chirpan, you don't drink the water,`` says the song

Vinarna Svoboda was established in 1995. in Stara Zagora district, Chirpan region.
It processes its own grapes picked from vineyards of more than 100 acres located in the immediate vicinity of the cellar.

The Bulgarians and the wine

“In Bulgaria it is rare that a Bulgarian is without a vineyard. This is one of our favourite occupations. A peasant feels unhappy and shameful, if he is without a vineyard of his own.”

G.S. Rakovski, 1860

Винарна Свобода

Bulgarian winemaker

“From the vine to your table”

Nice grapes, clean dishes, adherence to technology.

All other tales are a culinary show.


Own vineyards.

Svoboda Winery grows its own vineyards on the slopes of Southern Bulgaria.


Own production.

The wine is prepared in its own production facility.


Online sale.

We have an online store for the convenience of our customers.